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Stark, J; Link, C; Simic, D; Bauml, T.
(2015): Required range of electric vehicles - an analysis of longitudinal mobility data
IET INTELL TRANSP SY. 2015; 9(2): 119-127. FullText FullText_BOKU

Conventional cars allow their users to decide about a journeyxxxs modalities largely independent. Electric vehicles (EVs) also must ensure this to be a real substitute from the userxxxs point of view. This study focuses on range as a crucial technical feature of EVs. Many of the existing studies underestimate range requirements, as they are based on (i) one-day analyses and on (ii) mean values of daily trip distances. These data are not appropriate to answer questions on user needs; longitudinal mobility data are more suitable. This study analyses both, existing mobility data and new recorded global positioning system (GPS) data with regard to range requirements. Particularly, it was analysed whether or not identified daily driving cycles can be fulfilled with EVs assuming different charging opportunities. The analysis shows that GPS-recorded driving cycles of 80% of small-scale vehicles, 67% of midsized vehicles and 40% of sport utility vehicles can be realised with EVs.
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Link Christoph
Stark Juliane
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