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Wimmer, R., Downes, G.M., Evans, R., Rasmussen, G., French, J..
(2002): Direct effects of wood characteristics on pulp and handsheet properties of Eucalyptus globulus.
Holzforschung, 56, 244-252

Fibre length, microfibril an-le and wood density were measured in eight-year-old Eucalyptus globidus clones planted on three different sites. Samples were chipped and pulped, and the pulps beaten prior to preparation of 60g/m(2) handsheets. Eleven physical handsheet properties. together with pulp freeness. were measured using standard methods. Direct relationships between wood properties and pulp/paper properties were studied using path analysis. Fibre length had a strong, direct effect on tear index, bending stiffness, freeness. pulp yield and active alkali consumption. Wood density was a strong predictor of most handsheet properties: high density woods produced bulkier. more porous sheets with higher bending stiffness, while lower density woods produced smoother, denser sheets with higher tensile strength. The effect of microfibril angle was small and more evident in handshects made from beaten pulp.
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Wimmer Rupert

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