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Losak, T; Valka, T; Elbl, J; Kintl, A; Keutgen, A; Keutgen, N; Demkova, L; Arvay, J; Varga, L; Hnatkova, H; Gondek, K; Mierzwa-Hersztek, M.
(2020): Fertilization with Magnesium- and Sulfur-Supplemented Digestate Increases the Yield and Quality of Kohlrabi
SUSTAINABILITY-BASEL. 2020; 12(14), 5733 FullText FullText_BOKU

The vegetation pot experiment with kohlrabi (Moravia variety) was established in 2014 and 2015. The experiment included four treatments of fertilization: (1) untreated control, (2) digestate, (3) digestate + Mg + S, and (4) digestate + S. Treatments 2-4 were fertilized with the same N dose. Differences between the years were recorded in all parameters. Compared with the variant with digestate (100%), the kohlrabi yield of the unfertilized variant was demonstrably lower in both years (33.1% and 46.9%). Digestate enriched with the fertilizer containing Mg + S (treatment 3) demonstrably increased the yield of kohlrabi by 10.2% and 15.7% compared with pure digestate (treatment 2). Digestate enriched with the fertilizer containing elementary S (treatment 4) demonstrably increased the yield of kohlrabi (by 7.4%) only in 2015 compared with pure digestate (treatment 2). Except for the year 2015, there were no yield differences between variants 3 and 4. In both years, the lowest content of nitrates in kohlrabi was observed in the unfertilized control (135 and 163 mg NO3-/kg(FM), respectively). Following the application of digestate (treatment 2), the content of nitrates (mg NO3-/kg(FM)) increased to 327 in 2014 and to 509 in 2015. The addition of fertilizers with Mg + S as well as fertilizer with elementary S to the digestate (treatment 3 and 4) significantly reduced the content of nitrates to 295-301 mg NO3-/kg(FM)(2014) and to 449-468 mg NO3-/kg(FM)(2015). The content of ascorbic acid did not statistically differ among the four treatments in the two years (268-281 and 311-329 mg/kg(FM)in 2014 and 2015, respectively). Digestate supplemented with Mg + S (magnesium sulfate) or only with elementary S can be recommended for kohlrabi fertilization prior to the planting in order to reduce dangerous accumulations of nitrates in kohlrabi.
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Keutgen Anna
Keutgen Norbert

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