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Brandl, A; Kafer, S; Laaha, G; Mader, H.
(2022): Temperature as key stimulus for the findability of fish passes
WASSERWIRTSCHAFT. 2022; 112(4): 12-18.

In the course of eliminating continuum breaks at watercourses, the findability of the entrance to fish passes continues to be a relevant research topic. In addition to the positioning, the functionality of the entrance is defined in various guidelines, primarily by the flow or flow impulse. This publication, which is part of a research project at various fish passes at the river Drava, examines the influence of water temperature in addition to flow parameters on the findability of the entrances, using technical, fish-ecological and statistical methods. On the basis of the time accurate recording of each ascending individual, the relationship between the difference in water temperature of the main stream and the fish pass, and the ascent rates in the fish pass was examined. In addition to the FishCam system for 24/7 accurate detection of fish movements and the FishNet software, statistical methods for variable selection based on penalized regression models with different penalty terms such as LASSO, SCAD and MCP were used. As a result, the difference in water temperature between the main river and the fish pass has a significant positive effect on the findability of the fish pass entrance, whereas flow parameters do not show any positive effect.
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Brandl Andreas
Laaha Gregor
Mader Helmut

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