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Neugebauer, G; Kretschmer, F; Kollmann, R; Narodoslawsky, M; Ertl, T; Stoeglehner, G.
(2015): Mapping Thermal Energy Resource Potentials from Wastewater Treatment Plants
SUSTAINABILITY-BASEL. 2015; 7(10): 12988-13010. FullText FullText_BOKU

Wastewater heat recovery via heat exchangers and heat pumps constitutes an environmentally friendly, approved and economically competitive, but often underestimated technology. By introducing the spatial dimension in feasibility studies, the results of calculations change considerably. This paper presents a methodology to estimate thermal energy resource potentials of wastewater treatment plants taking spatial contexts into account. In close proximity to settlement areas, wastewater energy can ideally be applied for heating in mixed-function areas, which very likely have a continuous heat demand and allow for an increased amount of full-load hours compared to most single-use areas. For the Austrian case, it is demonstrated that the proposed methodology leads to feasible results and that the suggested technology might reduce up to 17% of the Austrian global warming potential of room heating. The method is transferrable to other countries as the input data and calculation formula are made available. A broad application of wastewater energy with regard to spatial structures and spatial development potentials can lead to (1) increasing energy efficiency by using a maximum of waste heat and (2) a significant reduction of (fossil) energy consumption which results in a considerable reduction of the global warming potential of the heat supply (GWP) if electricity from renewables is used for the operation of heat pumps.
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Ertl Thomas
Kretschmer Florian
Neugebauer Georg
Stöglehner Gernot
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