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Windwarder, M; Figl, R; Svehla, E; Mocsai, RT; Farcet, JB; Staudacher, E; Kosma, P; Altmann, F.
(2016): "Hypermethylation" of anthranilic acid-labeled sugars confers the selectivity required for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry
ANAL BIOCHEM. 2016; 514: 24-31. FullText FullText_BOKU

Analysis of the monosaccharides of complex carbohydrates is often performed by liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection. Unfortunately, methylated sugars, unusual amino- or deoxysugars and incomplete hydrolysis can lead to erroneous assignments of peaks. Here, we demonstrate that a volatile buffer system is suitable for the separation of anthranilic acid labeled sugars. It allows off-line examination of peaks by electrospray mass spectrometry. Approaches towards on-line mass spectrometric detection using reversed-phase or porous graphitic carbon columns fell short of achieving sufficient separation of the relevant isobaric sugars. Adequate chromatographic performance for isomeric sugars was achieved with reversed-phase chromatography of "hyper"-methylated anthranilic acid-labeled monosaccharides. Deuteromethyl iodide facilitates the discovery of naturally methylated sugars and identification of their parent monosaccharide as demonstrated with N-glycans of the snail Achatina fulica, where two thirds of the galactoses and a quarter of the mannoses were methylated. (C) 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Altmann Friedrich
Farcet Jean-Baptiste
Kosma Paul
Mocsai Reka Tünde
Staudacher Erika
Svehla Elisabeth
Windwarder Markus

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