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Gandhi, P; Yadav, M; Paritosh, K; Pareek, N; Lizasoain, J; Bauer, A; Vivekanand, V.
(2020): Food wastes from hospitality sector as versatile bioresources for bio-products: an overview
J MATER CYCLES WASTE. 2020; 22(4): 955-964. FullText FullText_BOKU

Non-scientific food waste management and lack of effective measures are causing environmental distress around the world. Due to this, local authorities are under stress for its proper disposal. However, scientific as well as collaborative approach may help not only for the proper disposal of food waste, but also in biobased coproduct recovery from food waste. This review principally focuses on the drivers and patterns of food waste production in hospitality industry along with reviewing the current researches and challenges for managing the food waste through main and coproduct recovery. In this regard, the study summarizes the scientific understandings of anaerobic digestion of food waste and the technical complications arise in operating the digesters for this purpose.
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Bauer Alexander
Lizasoain Arteaga Javier

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Anaerobic digestion
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