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Sauer, M; Russmayer, H; Grabherr, R; Peterbauer, CK; Marx, H; .
(2017): The Efficient Clade: Lactic Acid Bacteria for Industrial Chemical Production.
Trends Biotechnol. 2017; 35(8):756-769 FullText FullText_BOKU

Lactic acid bacteria are well known to be beneficial for food production and, as probiotics, they are relevant for many aspects of health. However, their potential as cell factories for the chemical industry is only emerging. Many physiological traits of these microorganisms, evolved for optimal growth in their niche, are also valuable in an industrial context. Here, we illuminate these features and describe why the distinctive adaptation of lactic acid bacteria is particularly useful when developing a microbial process for chemical production from renewable resources. High carbon uptake rates with low biomass formation combined with strictly regulated simple metabolic pathways, leading to a limited number of metabolites, are among the key factors defining their success in both nature and industry.
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Grabherr Reingard
Marx Hans
Peterbauer Clemens Karl
Russmayer Hannes
Sauer Michael
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