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Weinberger, S; Haernvall, K; Scaini, D; Ghazaryan, G; Zumstein, MT; Sander, M; Pellis, A; Guebitz, GM.
(2017): Enzymatic surface hydrolysis of poly(ethylene furanoate) thin films of various crystallinities
GREEN CHEM. 2017; 19(22): 5381-5384. FullText FullText_BOKU

This work reports on the successful production of poly(ethylene furanoate) (PEF) thin films and a comparison of the enzymatic hydrolysis of PEF and poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) films with three different crystallinities (0, 10 and 20%). The data suggest that the PEF films are enzymatically hydrolyzed 1.7 times faster than the commonly investigated PET films. QCM-D and SEM/AFM analyses fully confirm the observed reaction trend. The results also show a negative dependence of the hydrolysis rates with the increasing of the film crystallinity.
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Gübitz Georg
Härnvall Karolina
Pellis Alessandro
Weinberger Simone
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