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Erber, G; Huber, C; Stampfer, K.
(2018): To split or not to split: Feasibility of pre-storage splitting of large poplar (Populus spp. L.) fuelwood logs
FUEL. 2018; 220: 817-825. FullText FullText_BOKU

Contrary to firewood, and despite the availability of dedicated equipment splitting of logwood is not yet a common practice in fuelwood supply. This study investigated the impact of a pre-storage splitting treatment on moisture content alteration, dry matter loss and volumetric energy density. Further, economic and environmental implications of splitting were investigated. Splitting increased the drying rates of large poplar logs 2-3 times and enabled to reach a 15.3% lower final moisture content compared to intact logs at similar dry matter loss rates (9.2% vs. 7.8%). Final volumetric energy density of split logs was 27.2% higher than for intact logs. Splitting increased the profit from poplar fuelwood and decreased respective supply cost. Further, 26.3% less truck trips were required for woodchips produced from split logs. Pre-storage splitting is highly recommended for large logs of slowly drying species like poplar, to, firstly, reach low moisture content levels at all, and secondly, reach them in less time. This treatment has the potential to become an integral part of sustainable and responsible utilization of our fuelwood resources, as less material is required to supply the same amount of energy. At the same time, less truck trips are required to transport it, which is clearly beneficial from an environmental viewpoint.
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Erber Gernot
Huber Christoph
Stampfer Karl
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