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Mayer, HK; Fiechter, G.
(2018): UHPLC analysis of biogenic amines in different cheese varieties
FOOD CONTROL. 2018; 93: 9-16. FullText FullText_BOKU

Biogenic amines (BA) in various commercial cheese samples (n = 151) representing most common cheese varieties were determined using UHPLC. In general, cumulative BA levels varied to a great extent with exceptional samples having amounts up to 150-313 mg/100 g cheese, whereas only 5% of the analysed cheeses showed total concentrations higher than 90 mg/100 g (median 5.7 mg/100 g). Histamine was found in 79% of all samples, with maximum concentrations up to 116 mg/100 g, but only 5% of the cheeses had a histamine level above 17 mg/100 g (median 0.9 mg/100 g). For tyramine (72% occurrence), highest values were found for some acid-curd cheeses (up to 160 mg/100 g) and certain "mountain cheeses" (median 1.0 mg/100 g). Putrescine was detected in 70% of the cheeses (up to 84 mg/100 g for some acid-curd cheeses; median 0.6 mg/100 g). Cadaverine was found in 48% of the samples, with highest concentrations for some acid-curd cheeses (median 0.2 mg/100 g). Tryptamine had the lowest occurrence (15%) and a median concentration of 0.3 mg/100 g.
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Fiechter Gregor
Mayer Helmut
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