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Akramov, DK; Bacher, M; Bohmdorfer, S; Rosenau, T; Zengin, G; Potthast, A; Nahar, L; Sarker, SD; Mamadalieva, NZ.
(2020): Phytochemical analysis and biological evaluation of Lagochilus species from Uzbekistan
IND CROP PROD. 2020; 154, 112715 FullText FullText_BOKU

The species of the genus Lagochilus (Lamiaceae) are widespread in Central, South-Central, and Eastern Asia. Some of these species are used for their medicinal and therapeutic effects, in particular as hemostatic, antiinflammatory and anti-epileptic agents. A new iridoid, glucoside 7 - cinnamoyllamalbide, along with known compounds lagochilin, 5-hydroxy-7,4'-dimethoxyflavone, daucosterol, beta-sitosterol, 8-acetylharpagide were isolated from L. gypsaceus. The high-performance thin-layer chromatography (HPTLC) method was used to determine the chemical fingerprints of 7 different Lagochilus species (L. acutilobus, L. gypsaceus, L. inebrians, L. olgae, L. proskorjakovii, L. setulosus, L. vvedenskyi). Among the tested species, lagochilin content was highest in the endemic species L. inebrians collected from the Djizzakh region of Uzbekistan. In free radical scavenging and reducing power assays, L. inebrans and L. vvedenskyi exhibited the strongest abilities. Regarding cholinesterases, amylase and glucosidase inhibition abilities of the tested samples, 5-hydroxy-7,4'-dimethoxyflavone was the most active compound.
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Bacher Markus
Böhmdorfer Stefan
Potthast Antje
Rosenau Thomas
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