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Potzelsberger, E; Hasenauer, H.
(2015): High Mortality in Tree of Heaven Plantation Experiment in Eastern Austria
AUSTRIAN J FOR SCI. 2015; 132(4): 241-256.

Tree-of-Heaven, Ailanthus altissima (Mill.) Swingle, originating from Eastern China, has been spreading through urban areas in Eastern Austria since World War II. Since then the forest area occupied by Ailanthus altissima especially in the warm areas of Eastern Austria is increasing. This invasive neophyte is controversial in forestry. Its high increment rates, wide habitat range, and ash-like wood properties make it attractive to foresters. Its ongoing spread suggests the investigation of management opportunities of Tree-of-Heaven. There is a paucity of literature pertaining to the silviculture of Tree-of-heaven. Trial plots, established on five sites, provided insight on the growth potential and the survival rate of this tree species in Eastern Austria. Tree-of-Heaven, grown from Hungarian seeds, was planted on a 3 m x 3 m grid (autumn 2012, spring 2013). The trial plots were established in: Herrenbaumgarten, Weinviertel on loess, in the flood plains of Altenworth on alluvial deposits from the Danube River, in Hollenburger Wald on conglomerate rich in debris of Limestone Alps, at the Southern part of Dunkelsteiner Wald on paragneiss and in Zeltweg on alluvial deposits of the Mur River. In autumn 2013 trees had heights between 5 cm and 235 cm. Mortality rates of planted trees ranged from 51 % to 100 % in 2014. The saplings rarely developed growth from the terminal bud but predominantly from buds on lower parts of stem and occasionally from the root system. The analysis of the climate at these sites revealed a correlation between mean annual temperature and summer length (days with a maximum temperature > 25 degrees C), with survival rate and height growth. Further, unfavourable climatic conditions, strong weed growth, and ill-adapted genetics may be additional reasons for the poor performance of the planted trees.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Hasenauer Hubert
Pötzelsberger Elisabeth

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