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Xu, GF; Wu, W; Qi, JL.
(2016): Modeling the viscous behavior of frozen soil with hypoplasticity
INT J NUMER ANAL MET. 2016; 40(15): 2061-2075. FullText FullText_BOKU

This paper presents a hypoplastic constitutive model for the viscous behavior of frozen soil. The model is composed of a xxxsolidxxx part and a xxxfluidxxx part. The solid part is based on the extended hypoplastic model, and the fluid part is dependent on the second time derivative of strain. The performance of the model is demonstrated by simulating some uniaxial compression tests at different strain rates. Moreover, the model can describe in a unified way the three stages of typical creep tests, that is, primary, secondary, and tertiary stage. Copyright (C) 2016 John Wiley *** Sons, Ltd.
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Wu Wei
Xu Guofang
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