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Maedeh, PA; Ghanbari, A; Wu, W.
(2017): New coefficients to find natural period of elevated tanks considering fluid-structure-soil interaction effects
GEOMECH ENG. 2017; 12(6): 949-963. FullText FullText_BOKU

The main purpose of the current study is to develop the new coefficients for consideration of soil-structure interaction effects to find the elevated tank natural period. Most of the recommended relations to find the natural period just assumed the fixed base condition of elevated tank systems and the soil effects on the natural period are neglected. Two different analytical systems considering soil-structure-fluid interaction effects are recommended in the current study. Achieved results of natural impulsive and convective period, concluded from mentioned models are compared with the results of a numerical model. Two different sets of new coefficients for impulsive and convective periods are developed. The values of the developed coefficients directly depend to soil stiffness values. Additional results show that the soil stiffness not only has significant effects on natural period but also it is effective on liquid sloshing wave height. Both frequency content and soil stiffness have significant effects on the values of liquid wave height.
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Abbasimaedeh Pouyan
Wu Wei
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