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Cabrera, MA; Wu, W.
(2017): Experimental modelling of free-surface dry granular flows under a centrifugal acceleration field
GRANUL MATTER. 2017; 19(4): FullText FullText_BOKU

We investigate the dynamics of granular flows under the action of a centrifugal acceleration field. The granular flows consist of a monodisperse set of glass beads flowing down an inclined plane. The experiments are performed at variable slope angles. and equivalent centrifugal accelerations a(cf) = Ng. We study the effect of this parameters on the superficial flow velocity u and flow height h. Two trends are observed, by increasing. and acf, u increases proportionally, and h decreases asymptotically until a constant height. This relation is analysed in terms of the system potential and kinetic energy, leading to the estimation of equivalent impact forces one order of magnitude larger than those observed in small scale 1g laboratory experiments, with the possibility to reach higher forces by increasing N. Finally, considering the trend of u and h, our results suggest a scaling principle of inertial velocity proportional to root N.
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Cabrera Cabrera Miguel Angel
Wu Wei
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