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Xu, GF; Wu, W; Kong, LW; Qi, JL.
(2018): Hypoplastic Modeling for the Mechanical Behavior of Frozen Soil in Stress Path Testing
INT J GEOMECH. 2018; 18(6): FullText FullText_BOKU

The extended hypoplastic constitutive model for frozen soil developed previously by the authors was applied to simulate the mechanical behavior of frozen soil under various stress path conditions, such as conventional triaxial shearing with constant confining pressure, triaxial shearing with constant mean principal stress, pure shearing with a circular stress path on the deviatoric plane, hydrostatic compression, and oedometer compression. In the simulation, the same set of material parameters was used, which were obtained from conventional triaxial shear tests. The extended model is capable of capturing the salient features of frozen soil under the aforementioned conditions.
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Wu Wei
Xu Guofang
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