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Vu, TMH; Tu, VP; Duerrschmid, K.
(2018): Gazing behavior reactions of Vietnamese and Austrian consumers to Austrian wafers and their relations to wanting, expected and tasted liking
FOOD RES INT. 2018; 107: 639-648. FullText FullText_BOKU

Predictability of consumersxxx food choice based on their gazing behavior using eye-tracking has been shown and discussed in recent research. By applying this observational technique and conventional methods on a specific food product, this study aims at investigating consumersxxx reactions associated with gazing behavior, wanting, building up expectations, and the experience of tasting. The tested food products were wafers from Austria with hazelnut, whole wheat, lemon and vanilla flavors, which are very well known in Austria and not known in Vietnam. 114 Vietnamese and 128 Austrian participants took part in three sections: 1) Product pictures were shown on a screen and the participants were asked to choose the product that they wanted to try the most. During this process, the gazing behavior was recorded with an eye-tracker. 2) Hard copies of product packaging were given and the participants had to estimate their expectations about their liking of the products. 3) Product samples were given, had to be tasted and the tasted lilting of the participants had to be quantified on a nine-point hedonic scale. The results indicate that: i) the gazing behavior parameters are highly correlated in a positive way with the wanting-to-try choice; ii) wanting to try is in compliance with the expected liking for the Austrian consumer panel only, which is very familiar with the products; iii) the expected and tasted liking of the products are highly country and product dependent. The expected lilting is strongly correlated with the tasted liking for the Austrian panel only. Differences between the reactions of the Vietnamese and Austrian consumers are discussed in detail. The results, which reflect the complex process from gazing for "wanting to try" to the expected and tasted liking, are discussed in the context of the cognitive theory and food choice habits of the consumers.
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Dürrschmid Klaus
Tu Viet Phu
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