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Schwarz, M; Baumgartner, DJ; Pietsch, H; Blumthaler, M; Weihs, P; Rieder, HE.
(2018): Influence of low ozone episodes on erythemal UV-B radiation in Austria
THEOR APPL CLIMATOL. 2018; 133(1-2): 319-329. FullText FullText_BOKU

This study investigates the influence of low ozone episodes on UV-B radiation in Austria during the period 1999 to 2015. To this aim observations of total column ozone (TCO) in the Greater Alpine Region (Arosa, Switzerland; Hohenpeissenberg, Germany; Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic; Sonnblick, Austria), and erythemal UV-B radiation, available from 12 sites of the Austrian UV-B monitoring network, are analyzed. As previous definitions for low ozone episodes are not particularly suited to investigate effects on UV radiation, a novel threshold approach-considering anomalies-is developed to provide a joint framework for the analysis of extremes. TCO and UV extremes are negatively correlated, although modulating effects of sunshine duration impact the robustness of the statistical relationship. Therefore, information on relative sunshine duration (SDrel), available at (or nearby) UV-B monitoring sites, is included as explanatory variable in the analysis. The joint analysis of anomalies of both UV index (UVI) and total ozone (Delta UVI, Delta TCO) and SDrel across sites shows that more than 65% of observations with strongly negative ozone anomalies (Delta TCO < -1) led to positive UVI anomalies. Considering only days with strongly positive UVI anomaly (Delta UVI > 1), we find (across all sites) that about 90% correspond to negative Delta TCO. The remaining 10% of days occurred during fair weather conditions (SDrel >= 80%) explaining the appearance of Delta UVI > 1 despite positive TCO anomalies. Further, we introduce an anomaly amplification factor (AAF), which quantifies the expected change of the Delta UVI for a given change in Delta TCO.
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Rieder Harald
Weihs Philipp

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