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Wang, S; Wu, W; Peng, C; He, XZ; Cui, DS.
(2018): Numerical integration and FE implementation of a hypoplastic constitutive model
ACTA GEOTECH. 2018; 13(6): 1265-1281. FullText FullText_BOKU

Hypoplastic constitutive equation based on nonlinear tensor functions possesses a failure surface but no yield surface. In this paper, we consider the numerical integration and FE implementation of a simple hypoplastic constitutive equation. The accuracy of several integration methods, including implicit and explicit methods, is examined by performing a set of triaxial compression tests. Adaptive explicit schemes show the best performance. In addition, the stress drift away from the failure surface is corrected with a predictor-corrector scheme, which is verified by two boundary value problems, i.e. rigid footing tests and slope stability.
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He Xuzhen
Peng Chong
Wang Shun
Wu Wei
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Finite element analysis
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