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Wesemann, J; Eder, M; Habersack, H; Hogl, K; Loschner, L; Nordbeck, R; Scherhaufer, P; Schober, B; Seher, W; Zahnt, N; Herrnegger, M.
(2020): Regional development of flood risk under consideration of future development
HYDROL WASSERBEWIRTS. 2020; 64(3): 110-126. FullText FullText_BOKU

The planning of flood protection projects requires a thorough analysis of the impacts of the measures and their feasibility also on a regional level in order to guarantee an integrated flood risk management concept. The presented method of the Regional Flood plain Evaluation Matrix (RegioFEM) is an integrative, interdisciplinary approach taking this into consideration. On the basis of seven parameters, the flood hazard, the hazard exposure and the damage potential are estimated for different planning variants and scenarios. The results of the application for a river reach of the river Raab in Austria for the two variants with 1) projected flood defence measures and infrastructure projects and 2) future settlement development, show that the flood risk is decreasing but is also leading to a strong negative impact on the runoff behaviour on a smaller scale.The benefit of the flood protection measures can clearly be seen by the decrease in damage potential by up to 72 % for the HQ(100) compared to the status quo, but at the same time this leads to an increase and to the acceleration of the flood wave in the adjacent river section. The possible impacts of climate change in a worst-case scenario (increased runoff-peak of 10 %) vary quite strongly on the local scale, which highlights the sensitivity of the whole system. The newly developed protection measures in the Raab case study are mostly unaffected by climate change, but existing structures in residential and industrial areas can be flooded, leading to an increase of the damage potential. The RegioFEM method has also been evaluated in a scientist-stakeholder workshop, where the integration into existing concept was also analysed. There, the interdisciplinary approach and the regional assessment has been stressed out as a very important aspect and a possible integration of the RegioFEM in the design of river development and risk management concepts (GERM) was also emphasised.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Eder Markus
Habersack Helmut
Herrnegger Mathew
Hogl Karl
Löschner Lukas
Nordbeck Ralf
Scherhaufer Patrick
Schober Bernhard
Seher Walter
Wesemann Johannes
Zahnt Nina

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