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Preinstorfer, P; Kromoser, B.
(2020): Influence of geometrical parameters on the splitting forces in textile-reinforced concrete
MATER STRUCT. 2020; 53(6), 152 FullText FullText_BOKU

Splitting forces due to bond action can lead to the premature failure of reinforced concrete structural components. In earlier research it was mentioned that it is mainly geometrical parameters that play a key role in the distribution and magnitude of the splitting forces in textile-reinforced concrete. However, so far no accurate geometrical characterisation of textile reinforcement has been performed which considers all the relevant properties of the material such as the regularly repeating variation in cross-sectional dimensions. In this paper, four geometrical parameters are introduced which permit a clear geometrical characterisation of fibre strands and allow for the comparison of different types of textile reinforcement. Furthermore, a broad parametric study was carried out for a pull-out test in which the parameters were varied, and the influence of these parameters on the splitting forces occurring in textile-reinforced concrete was visualised. Based on this parametric study, a mechanical model was established, which takes into account experimental data from previous research. This model allows for the calculation of the splitting forces occurring in textile-reinforced concrete when one short fibre strand is pulled out of the concrete.
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Kromoser Benjamin

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