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Potzelsberger, E; Gossner, MM; Beenken, L; Gazda, A; Petr, M; Ylioja, T; La Porta, N; Avtzis, DN; Bay, E; De Groot, M; Drenkhan, R; Duduman, ML; Enderle, R; Georgieva, M; Hietala, AM; Hoppe, B; Jactel, H; Jarni, K; Keren, S; Keseru, Z; Koprowski, M; Kormutak, A; Lombardero, MJ; Lukjanova, A; Marozas, V; Mauri, E; Monteverdi, MC; Nygaard, PH; Ogris, N; Olenici, N; Orazio, C; Perny, B; Pinto, G; Power, M; Puchalka, R; Ravn, HP; Sevillano, I; Stroheker, S; Taylor, P; Tsopelas, P; Urban, J; Voolma, K; Westergren, M; Witzell, J; Zborovska, O; Zlatkovic, M.
(2021): Biotic threats for 23 major non-native tree species in Europe
SCI DATA. 2021; 8(1), 210 FullText FullText_BOKU

For non-native tree species with an origin outside of Europe a detailed compilation of enemy species including the severity of their attack is lacking up to now. We collected information on native and non-native species attacking non-native trees, i.e. type, extent and time of first observation of damage for 23 important non-native trees in 27 European countries. Our database includes about 2300 synthesised attack records (synthesised per biotic threat, tree and country) from over 800 species. Insects (49%) and fungi (45%) are the main observed biotic threats, but also arachnids, bacteria including phytoplasmas, mammals, nematodes, plants and viruses have been recorded. This information will be valuable to identify patterns and drivers of attacks, and trees with a lower current health risk to be considered for planting. In addition, our database will provide a baseline to which future impacts on non-native tree species could be compared with and thus will allow to analyse temporal trends of impacts.
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Pötzelsberger Elisabeth

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