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Steiner F. M., Schlick-Steiner B. C., Sanetra M. Ljubomirov T., Antonova V., Christian E. & Stauffer C..
(2005): Towards DNA-aided biogeography: An example from Tetramorium ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
Annales Zoologici Fennici, 42, 23-35

The increasing level of fine-scale systematics in insects requires sophisticated morphometric tools for species identification. As a consequence, regional species lists and biogeographic data tend to be ambiguous. We explore the use of DNA techniques in an example of palearctic ants of the myrmicine genus Tetramorium, in which morphology-based determination is difficult and frequently controversial. Several chorological facts are uncovered by the combined use of morphological characters and mitochondrial DNA sequences: Tetramorium moravicum is reported from Bulgaria and Ukraine, T hungaricum from Austria and Bulgaria, while sequence comparisons question published records of T semilaeve and T forte in Eastern Europe. These findings have permitted us to delineate a biogeographic framework for T forte, T moravicum, T semilaeve and T hungaricum.
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