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Wang Y., Wu W..
(2007): Time-dependent magnetohydrodanamic flow induced by noncoaxial rotations of a non -torsionally oscillating porous plate and a third - order fluid at infinity
MATH COMPUT MODEL, 46, 1277-1293; ISSN 0895-7177 FullText FullText_BOKU

Time-dependent flow, induced by the rotation of a fluid in an infinitely extending space and a suddenly inserted non-coaxially rotating infinite plate, is investigated. The plate is porous, allows suction or blowing through it, and simultaneously oscillates non-torsionally in its own plane. The fluid is considered as an electrically conducting third-order non-Newtonian fluid. A magnetic field perpendicular to the plate is exerted to the fluid. To solve the emerging high-order two-dimensional initial-boundary value problem, a coordinate transformation is employed to transform the infinite physical space to a finite computational domain and a suitable finite difference method is used for numerical simulation. The time series of the flow velocity, the structure of the boundary layer near the plate, the influences of the exerted magnetic field, the suction/blowing velocity through the plate and a slip boundary condition at the plate on the flow are graphically presented and discussed. The nature of the shear stress engendered due to the flow is also investigated. In particular, numerical results for the third-order fluid are compared with those of a corresponding Newtonian fluid. (C) 2007 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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Wang Yongqi
Wu Wei
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