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Teufelsbauer, H; Wang, Y; Chiou, MC; Wu, W.
(2009): Flow-obstacle interaction in rapid granular avalanches: DEM simulation and comparison with experiment
GRANUL MATTER. 2009; 11(4): 209-220. FullText FullText_BOKU

This paper investigates the interaction between rapid granular flow and an obstacle. The distinct element method (DEM) is used to simulate the flow regimes observed in laboratory experiments. The relationship between the particle properties and the overall flow behaviour is obtained by using the DEM with a simple linear contact model. The flow regime is primarily controlled by the particle friction, viscous normal damping and particle rotation rather than the contact stiffness. Rolling constriction is introduced to account for dispersive flow. The velocity depth-profiles around the obstacles are not uniform but varying over the depth. The numerical results are compared with laboratory experiments of chute flow with dry granular material. Some important model parameters are obtained, which can be used to optimize defense structures in alpine regions.
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Wang Yongqi
Wu Wei
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