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Osinov, VA; Wu, W.
(2009): Strain-gradient extension of hypoplasticity
ACTA MECH. 2009; 203(1-2): 37-47. FullText FullText_BOKU

The paper presents an extension of the hypoplasticity theory by introducing the second-order gradient of the strain rate into the constitutive equation. The strain-gradient extension is aimed at the adequate modelling of the shear band formation in the post-localization regime. It is proved analytically that the proposed extended model produces finite-thickness shear-band solutions if and only if the stress state is a post-bifurcation state for the original non-gradient model. The problem of pure shear with an initially inhomogeneous distribution of the void ratio is solved numerically as an example to substantiate the theory. The numerical calculations show that the thickness of the shear band is invariant to the width of the initial inhomogeneity which induces the shear band.
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Wu Wei
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