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Schuhmacher, R; Krska, R; Grasserbauer, M; Edinger, W; Lew, H.
(1998): Immuno-affinity columns versus conventional clean-up: a method-comparison study for the determination of zearalenone in corn
FRESENIUS J ANAL CHEM. 1998; 360(2): 241-245.

The efficiency of a modern analytical method employing immune-affinity columns (IACs) is compared to a well established traditional technique with respect to the determination of zearalenone (ZON) in corn in the mu g/kg range. Despite of a constant error of about 4 mu g/kg in the examined working range of 10-200 mu g/kg, analytical data obtained from the analysis of spiked and naturally contaminated samples showed good correspondence for the compared methods. The performance characteristics of immuno-affinity-chromatography as a new clean-up technique for the determination of ZON in corn is reported for the first time and compared to a conventional clean-up procedure.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Krska Rudolf
Schuhmacher Rainer

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