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Gladysz, C; Lemmens, M; Steiner, B; Buerstmayr, H.
(2007): Evaluation and genetic mapping of resistance to Fusarium head blight in Triticum dicoccoides
ISRAEL J PLANT SCI. 2007; 55(3-4): 263-266.

Fusarium head blight infection of the wheat crop may lead to mycotoxin-contaminated cereal products, The use of resistant cultivars plays a key role in integrated control of this disease. Modern durum wheat cultivars are Mostly highly Susceptible to Fusarium head blight. In the wild relative Triticum dicoccoides, moderately Fusarium-resistant lines were identified. In this article published results on genetic analysis of Fusarium resistance using T. dicoccoides are reviewed and discussed together with our own recent findings.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Bürstmayr Hermann
Lemmens Marc
Steiner Barbara

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