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Trnka, M., Eitzinger, J., Thaler, S., Hlavinka, P., Semeradová, D., Dubrovsky, M., Žalud, Z., Kubu, G., Formayer. H..
(2009): Assessing differences in the farm level vulnerability of the cereal production in the Central Europe – Consequences, uncertainties and adaptation options
In: Eitzinger, J., Kubu, G. (Eds.), Impact of Climate Change and Adaptation in Agriculture. Extended Abstracts of the International Symosium, University of Natural Ressources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU),Vienna, June 22-23 2009. BOKU-Met Report 17, p. 63-65.,; ISSN 1994-4179

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Eitzinger Josef
Formayer Herbert
Kubu Gerhard
Thaler Sabina

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