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Buerstmayr, H; Lemmens, M; Schmolke, M; Zimmermann, G; Hartl, L; Mascher, F; Trottet, M; Gosman, NE; Nicholson, P.
(2008): Multi-environment evaluation of level and stability of FHB resistance among parental lines and selected offspring derived from several European winter wheat mapping populations
PLANT BREED. 2008; 127(4): 325-332. FullText FullText_BOKU

During 2 years and at five locations in Europe, 56 winter wheat genotypes were evaluated for resistance to Fusarium head blight (FHB). The genotypes were both parents and selected recombinants taken from the following populations previously tested for FHB resistance: 'Arina'/'Forno', 'Arina'/'Riband', 'Dream'/'Lyn'x, G16-92/'Hussar', 'Renan'/'Recital', SVP-72017 x 'Capo' and 'Capo'/'Sumai-3'. In addition, a few control lines were included. FHB resistance was evaluated in replicated experiments under artificial inoculation, disease severity was assessed by repeated visual scorings. The highest level of FHB resistance was found in lines selected from crosses of FHB-resistant winter wheat x 'Sumai-3'. The best lines selected from crosses of moderately resistant winter wheat with susceptible winter wheat were similar in their resistance response to the resistant parent. The level of FHB resistance was correlated with stability of resistance. Susceptible wheat lines tended to exhibit severe symptoms under high disease pressure. The symptoms on resistant lines remained comparatively low even under high disease pressure.
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