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Ludwig, R; Haltrich, D; .
(2002): Cellobiose dehydrogenase production by Sclerotium species pathogenic to plants.
Lett Appl Microbiol. 2002; 35(3):261-266

Aims: Evaluation of various Sclerotium spp. as producers of the biotechnologically attractive enzyme cellobiose dehydrogenase. Methods and Results: All isolates of S. coffeicola, S. delphinii and S. rolfsii grown in shaken flasks on a cellulose-based medium produced appreciable amounts of the extracellular enzyme cellobiose dehydrogenase. Conclusions: Cellobiose dehydrogenase seems to play an important role in phytopathogenic Sclerotium spp.; a possible function could be either in the degradation of rigid lignocellulose or as a protective mechanism against toxic quinones. Significance and Impact of the Study: S. coffeicola and S. delphinii were identified as potent, not-yet-described producers of cellobiose dehydrogenase (CDH). The high levels of intact CDH produced by the different Sclerotium species should make them attractive producers for further studies and applications.
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Haltrich Dietmar
Ludwig Roland
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