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Tejchman, J; Wu, W.
(2010): FE-investigations of micro-polar boundary conditions along interface between soil and structure
GRANUL MATTER. 2010; 12(4): 399-410. FullText FullText_BOKU

The interface between granular bodies and structures is analysed with the finite element method and a micro-polar hypoplastic constitutive model. Quasi-static shearing of an infinitely long and narrow granular strip between two rigid walls of different roughness under conditions of free dilatancy and constant vertical pressure is investigated. The constitutive model can reproduce the essential features of granular bodies during shear localization. To model the different roughness of the interface, micro-polar boundary conditions are proposed taking into account the asperity of the wall roughness and grain diameter. Some emphasis is given to the influence of the wall roughness on the thickness of shear zone and the mobilization of wall friction.
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Wu Wei
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Finite element method
Granular body
Micro-polar continuum
Shear zone
Wall roughness

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