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Varga, E; Glauner, T; Köppen, R; Mayer, K; Sulyok, M; Schuhmacher, R; Krska, R; Berthiller, F.
(2012): Stable isotope dilution assay for the accurate determination of mycotoxins in maize by UHPLC-MS/MS.
Anal Bioanal Chem. 2012; 402(9):2675-2686 FullText FullText_BOKU

A fast, easy-to-handle and cost-effective analytical method for 11 mycotoxins currently regulated in maize and other cereal-based food products in Europe was developed and validated for maize. The method is based on two extraction steps using different acidified acetonitrile-water mixtures. Separation is achieved using ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) by a linear water-methanol gradient. After electrospray ionisation, tandem mass spectrometric detection is performed in dynamic multiple reaction monitoring mode. Since accurate mass spectrometric quantification is hampered by matrix effects, uniformly [C-13]-labelled mycotoxins for each of the 11 compounds were added to the sample extracts prior to UHPLC-MS/MS analysis. Method performance parameters were obtained by spiking blank maize samples with mycotoxins before as well as after extraction on six levels in triplicates. The twofold extraction led to total recoveries of the extraction steps between 97% and 111% for all target analytes, including fumonisins. The [C-13]-labelled internal standards efficiently compensated all matrix effects in electrospray ionisation, leading to apparent recoveries between 88% and 105% with reasonable additional costs. The relative standard deviations of the whole method were between 4% and 11% for all analytes. The trueness of the method was verified by the measurement of several maize test materials with well-characterized concentrations. In conclusion, the developed method is capable of determining all regulated mycotoxins in maize and presuming similar matrix effects and extraction recovery also in other cereal-based foods.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Berthiller Franz
Krska Rudolf
Schuhmacher Rainer
Sulyok Michael
Varga Elisabeth

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