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Mergili, M; Fellin, W; Moreiras, SM; Stotter, J.
(2012): Simulation of debris flows in the Central Andes based on Open Source GIS: possibilities, limitations, and parameter sensitivity
NAT HAZARDS. 2012; 61(3): 1051-1081. FullText FullText_BOKU

A GIS-based model framework, designed as a raster module for the Open Source software GRASS, was developed for simulating the mobilization and motion of debris flows triggered by rainfall. Designed for study areas up to few square kilometres, the tool combines deterministic and empirical model components for infiltration and surface runoff, detachment and sediment transport, slope stability, debris flow mobilization, and travel distance and deposition. The model framework was applied to selected study areas along the international road from Mendoza (Argentina) to Central Chile. The input parameters were investigated at the local scale. The model was run for a number of rainfall scenarios and evaluated using field observations and historical archives in combination with meteorological data. The sensitivity of the model to a set of key parameters was tested. The major scope of the paper is to highlight the capabilities of the model-and of this type of models in general-as well as its limitations and possible solutions.
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Mergili Martin
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