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Maghuly, F; Marzban, G; Laimer, M; .
(2009): Functional genomics of allergen gene families in fruits.
Nutrients. 2009; 1(2):119-132 FullText FullText_BOKU

Fruit consumption is encouraged for health reasons; however, fruits may harbour a series of allergenic proteins that may cause discomfort or even represent serious threats to certain individuals. Thus, the identification and characterization of allergens in fruits requires novel approaches involving genomic and proteomic tools. Since avoidance of fruits also negatively affects the quality of patientsxxx lives, biotechnological interventions are ongoing to produce low allergenic fruits by down regulating specific genes. In this respect, the control of proteins associated with allergenicity could be achieved by fine tuning the spatial and temporal expression of the relevant genes.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Laimer Margit
Maghuly Fatemeh
Marzban Gorji
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Allergens/genetics*;Food Hypersensitivity;Fruit/genetics*;Fruit/immunology*;Gene Expression Regulation, Plant;Genomics*;Humans;Multigene Family;

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temperate fruits
small fruits
pathogenesis-related proteins
Southern Blot
ELISA, Immuno Tissue Printing
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RNAi approach

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