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Kanzian, C; Kindermann, G.
(2013): Assessment of the Energy Wood Potenzial with National Inventory Data for Lower Austria
AUSTRIAN J FOR SCI. 2013; 130(1): 3-24.

Attractive subsidies for the production of green electricity from solid biofuels, causes an increasing demand of energy wood in Austria and furthermore discussions about the forest energy wood potential. Data of the national forest inventory were analyzed to assess the ecological fuel wood Potenzial for Lower Austria, a federal state of Austria. Different assortments of fuel wood were defined and their amount was calculated stemwise using different functions. The results were summed up for categories like type of ownership, terrain inclination, political district and so on. On nutrient-poor sites the utilization of branches was excluded. The development of the fuel wood Potenzial and the stand volume was estimated by a growth simulator for a time period of 10 and 20 years, respectively. Probability functions were developed to foresee the removal or utilization of trees. Three utilization scenarios were assumed: no chance in utilization (I), harvest thinning backlogs within 10 (II) and 20 (III) years. This gives for the study area with 764.000 ha of forest land a yearly amount of 690,000 (I); 830,000 (II) and 680,000 m 3 solid (III) at the stand level. At the same time approximately 3.2 Mio. 4.2 Mio. and 3.4 Mio. of saw logs and industrial wood will be accumulate. Overall scenarios it can be concluded that up to 20% additional volume could be used as fuel wood. Compared to existing studies about fuel wood Potenzial, with use a top-down principle to estimate the amount, here the bottom-up principle was applied by stemwise calculation of assortment volumes. How much of the fuel wood Potenzial is harvestable or will be available on the market depends on a variety of factors. However, more investigations are necessary to quantify the availability. Beside ecological impacts due to biomass removal a possible decrease of growth must be considered.
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Kanzian Christian
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