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Feifel, SC; Kapp, A; Ludwig, R; Lisdat, F.
(2014): Nanobiomolecular Multiprotein Clusters on Electrodes for the Formation of a Switchable Cascadic Reaction Scheme
ANGEW CHEM INT EDIT. 2014; 53(22): 5676-5679. FullText FullText_BOKU

A supramolecular multicomponent protein architecture on electrodes is developed that allows the establishment of bidirectional electron transfer cascades based on interprotein electron exchange. The architecture is formed by embedding two different enzymes (laccase and cellobiose dehydrogenase) and a redox protein (cytochrome c) by means of carboxy-modified silica nanoparticles in a multiple layer format. The construct is designed as a switchable dual analyte detection device allowing the measurement of lactose and oxygen, respectively. As the switching force we apply the electrode potential, which ensures control of the redox state of cytochrome c. The two signal chains are operating in a non-separated matrix and are not disturbed by the other biocatalyst.
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Ludwig Roland
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