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Tshering, K., Chhetri, D.B., Chhetri, P.B., Gratzer, G., Darabant, A., Stauffer, C., Kirisits, T..
(2007): Decline and mass mortality of Yika shing (Aesandra butyracea), a multipurpose tree in Lhuntse, Eastern Bhutan
Natural enemies and other multi-scale influences on forest insects. Joint meeting of IUFRO Working Parties 7.03.05 Integrated control of scolytid bark beetles, 7.03.06 Integrated management of forest defoliating insects and 7.03.07 Population dynamics of forest insects, 9-14 September 2007, Vienna

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Darabant Andras
Gratzer Georg
Kirisits Thomas
Stauffer Christian
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