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Eitzinger, J., Kubu, G., Thaler, S., Alexandrov, V., Utset, A., Mihailovic, D.T., Lalic, B., Trnka, M., Zalud, Z., Semeradova, D., Ventrella, D., Anastasiou, D. P., Medany, M., Altaher, S., Olejnik, J., Lesny, J., Nemeshko, N., Nikolaev, M., Simota, C., Cojocaru, G. .
(2009): Description of feasible strategies for integration into management practices and agricultural policy as well as dissemination; National reports of the demonstration activities; Report on description of applied methods, state of art, related Know-How and problems of the relevant tasks. Final scientific report on thematic groups of the ADAGIO Project: “Adaptation of agriculture in European regions at environmental risk under climate change”; Specific Support Action, FP6-2005-SSP-5-A, Proj.No.044210, Sixth Framework Programme (European Commission). Ed.: Institute of Meteorology, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU)
European Commission, 280

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