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Gröger S., Oberforster M., Werteker M., Grausgruber H., Lelley T..
(1997): HMW glutenin subunit composition and bread making quality of Austrian grown wheats.
Cereal Research Communications 25, 955-962

Austrian grown winter and spring wheat cultivars were investigated for their HMW glutenin subunit composition and their bread making quality. For quality evaluation indirect parameters, rheological characteristics and the loaf volume were measured. Rank correlation analyses between quality parameters and scores for HMW glutenin subunit compositions, and analyses of variance for the quality parameters were calculated. The results proved the positive influence of the HMW glutenin subunits 7+9 and 5+10 and showed that the positive effect of 7+9 can partially be explained by the higher protein amount of subunit 7, compared to subunit 6, whereas the positive effect of 5+10 compared to 2+12 must be due to qualitative properties of these subunits.
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Grausgruber Heinrich
Lelley Tamas
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