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Deniskova, TE; Okhlopkov, IM; Sermyagin, AA; Gladyrxxx, EA; Bagirov, VA; Solkner, J; Mamaev, NV; Brem, G; Zinovxxxeva, NA.
(2016): Whole genome SNP scanning of snow sheep (Ovis nivicola)
DOKL BIOCHEM BIOPHYS. 2016; 469(1): 288-293. FullText FullText_BOKU

This is the first report performing the whole genome SNP scanning of snow sheep (Ovis nivicola). Samples of snow sheep (n = 18) collected in six different regions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) from 64A degrees to 71A degrees N. For SNP genotyping, we applied Ovine 50K SNP BeadChip (Illumina, United States), designed for domestic sheep. The total number of genotyped SNPs (call rate 90%) was 47796 (88.1% of total SNPs), wherein 1006 SNPs were polymorphic (2.1%). Principal component analysis (PCA) showed the clear differentiation within the species O. nivicola: studied individuals were distributed among five distinct arrays corresponding to the geographical locations of sampling points. Our results demonstrate that the DNA chip designed for domestic sheep can be successfully used to study the allele pool and the genetic structure of snow sheep populations.
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