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Muangrom, W; Bacher, M; Berger, A; Valant-Vetschera, K; Vajrodaya, S; Schinnerl, J.
(2021): A novel tryptophan-derived alkaloid and other constituents from Guettarda speciosa (Rubiaceae: Cinchonoideae ? Guettardeae)
BIOCHEM SYST ECOL. 2021; 95, 104239 FullText FullText_BOKU

Phytochemical examination of two Thai accessions of the widespread paleotropical Guettarda speciosa (Rubiaceae: Cinchonoideae?Guettardeae) led to the isolation of the hitherto undescribed tryptophan-derived alkaloid 5?-carboxystrictosidinic acid together with 5?-carboxystrictosidine, the iridoid glucoside loganic acid and 5-O- caffeoylquinic acid from the root bark extract. The leaf extract further yielded 3-O-caffeoylquinic acid and 4,5-diO-caffeoylquinic acid. The structures of the isolated compounds were established by NMR and MS techniques and compared to other species of Guettarda. In addition, the structural differentiation of alkaloids within this genus is discussed with special emphasis on 5?-carboxy derivatives suggesting a pathway apart from the strictosidine biosynthetic route.
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Bacher Markus
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