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Klimek, M; Bingen, J; Freyer, B; Paxton, R.
(2021): From Schnitzel to Sustainability: Shifting Values at Vienna's Urban Farmers Markets
SUSTAINABILITY-BASEL. 2021; 13(15), 8327 FullText FullText_BOKU

This paper presents an empirically grounded investigation of the values and practices of farmers markets (FM) in Vienna, Austria and their linkages to wider alternative food practices of ecological, social and economic sustainability. If the FMs are to play a vibrant role in the Viennese alternative food system, enhancing urban-rural connections and urban resilience, they must re-align their values to this system. A values-based conceptual framework is used to examine the structures and functions of six Viennese FMs and the alignment of values and practices among FM managers, farmers/vendors and consumers. Data from qualitative interviews, participant observation and dot surveys were collected at each FM. Value alignment is discovered as necessary to support and perpetuate alternative values. Governance is found to be significant for aligning values related to FM sustainability. Current structures and functions of Viennese FMs cannot be easily aligned with participant values and practices. As one of the first examinations of Viennese FMs, this work illustrates concrete challenges, priorities and emphasizes the role that governance and social organizing plays in successful markets as contributors towards sustainable urban food systems. Lessons learned can be applied to municipal FMs and other food system actors that face similar challenges.
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Bingen Jim
Freyer Bernhard
Klimek Milena
Paxton Rebecca Louise
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