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Cséplő M., Puskás K., Vida G., Bányai J., Mészáros K., Uhrin A., Tóth V., Grausgruber H., Bonfiglioli L., Pagnotta M.A., Mikó P..
(2023): Results of multi-year durum wheat variety tests carried out in different management systems
In: Mihály-Langó B., Bona L., Tóth B., Börner A. (eds.), Cereal breeding - Challenges and opportunities for global improvement, Book of Abstracts of the EUCARPIA Cereals Section Conference, 15-20 May 2023, Szeged, Hungary, p. 95. Cereal Research Nonprofit Ltd., Szeged, Hungary; ISBN: 978-963-7352-10-2

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Grausgruber Heinrich

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