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Grausgruber H., Schöggl G., Ruckenbauer P..
(2002): Investigations on the validity of the micro-extensigraph method to measure rheological properties of wheat doughs.
European Food Research and Technology 214, 79-82 FullText FullText_BOKU

Rheological dough characteristics of wheats representing a wide variability in quality were investigated on a small-scale. using 10 g of flour. The ability to differentiate between wheats using a texture analyser equipped with the Kieffer dough and gluten extensibility rig was compared with the standard Brabender extensigraph. Rank correlation analyses revealed very high coefficients for maximum resistance to extension and the area under the curve, and fairly high coefficients for extensibility and quantities that reflect the shape of the curve as well as the area under it. Hence, the micro-extensigraph method is valuable in early-generation selection for wheat quality where the amount of available sample does not allow testing by the standard method.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Grausgruber Heinrich
Ruckenbauer Peter

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Triticum aestivum
dough rheology
breadmaking quality
early-generation screening
small-scale method

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