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Grausgruber, H., Hatzenbichler, E., Ruckenbauer, P..
(2003): Analysis of repeated stickiness measures of wheat dough using a texture analyzer
Journal of Texture Studies, 34, 69-82

Stickiness of wheat dough using 51 international wheat genotypes was measured ten-times per sample using a texture analyzer and the improved Chen-Hoseney stickiness cell. Repeated measures analyses were carried out with the parameters adhesive force, adhesiveness, and stringiness of the force-time curves using the SAS MIXED procedure. The data revealed a high variability among observations from replicates of the same sample preparation. It is suggested to analyze a large (seven to ten) number of repeated measures per sample to account for the variation. Triplicate measures that result in reliable means with low standard errors for the particular lab conditions and test settings can be found by a repeated measure analysis.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Grausgruber Heinrich
Ruckenbauer Peter

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