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Friml, J; Yang, X; Michniewicz, M; Weijers, D; Quint, A; Tietz, O; Benjamins, R; Ouwerkerk, PB; Ljung, K; Sandberg, G; Hooykaas, PJ; Palme, K; Offringa, R.
(2004): A PINOID-dependent binary switch in apical-basal PIN polar targeting directs auxin efflux.
Science. 2004; 306(5697):862-865 FullText FullText_BOKU

Polar transport-dependent local accumulation of auxin provides positional cues for multiple plant patterning processes. This directional auxin flow depends on the polar subcellular localization of the PIN auxin efflux regulators. Overexpression of the PINOID protein kinase induces a basal-to-apical shift in PIN localization, resulting in the toss of auxin gradients and strong defects in embryo and seedling roots. Conversely, pid loss of function induces an apical-to-basal. shift in PIN1 polar targeting at the inflorescence apex, accompanied by defective organogenesis. Our results show that a PINOID-dependent binary switch controls PIN polarity and mediates changes in auxin flow to create local gradients for patterning processes.
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Glößl Josef
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