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Grausgruber, H; Oberforster, M; Werteker, M; Ruckenbauer, P; Vollmann, J.
(2000): Stability of quality traits in Austrian-grown winter wheats
FIELD CROP RES. 2000; 66(3): 257-267.

Stability of breadmaking quality of Austrian-grown quality wheats was investigated using rheological parameters from the farinogram (dough development time, stability, degree of softening) and the extensogram (extensibility, maximum resistance, energy), indirect parameters (protein content, wet gluten content, Zeleny sedimentation volume, Hagberg falling number) and the loaf volume. Stability was evaluated for a set of eight cultivars grown in 15 environments in north-eastern Austria. Five stability parameters, covering a wide range of statistical approaches, were used to describe the cultivars. There was variability for stability of quality in the set of cultivars. Some cultivars were stable for one trait and unstable for another, suggesting that the genetic factors involved in genotype by environment interactions differed between traits. It was possible to identify a check cultivar which was stable for almost all quality traits. The absolute performance of the cultivars was considered by calculating the reliability of each cultivar as a safety first index. it is demonstrated that quality wheats of Austrian origin show high performance for all quality traits except for degree of softening and Hagberg falling number. (C) 2000 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Grausgruber Heinrich
Ruckenbauer Peter
Vollmann Johann

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