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Stoger, E; Williams, S; Keen, D; Christou, P.
(1998): Molecular characteristics of transgenic wheat and the effect on transgene expression
TRANSGENIC RES. 1998; 7(6): 463-471.

A population of R-0 transgenic wheat plants, generated by particle bombardment, was analyzed to define molecular, genetic and phenotypic properties resulting from transformation with a cointegrate vector, or cotransformation with two separate plasmids. By evaluating the progeny of 70 independently-derived transgenic plants, we also identified rare events such as chimerism and transgene elimination, which provide valuable information concerning the development of transgenic cereal plants following bombardment experiments. The frequency of chimerism in our transgenic wheat plants was very low Furthermore, while transgene elimination did occur, this was also a very ran event. We determined the copy numbers of integrated transgenes and the levels of transgene expression. Comparisons to transgenic rice plants generated in the same manner demonstrated some similarities, but also important differences in transgene behavior. Whereas in rice there is no evidence for any direct relationship between transgene copy number and transgene expression or stability, multicopy populations in wheat demonstrated a bias towards higher levels of expression for the two genes and the maize ubiquitin promoter evaluated in the present study.
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